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NJ-Monroe Township




The Logistics department is responsible for the movement of freight for domestic and international; inbound and outbound; for all business units, BN Retail, BN Dotcom, and BN Distribution. The interns responsibilities will include data entry into a Transportation Management System, evaluating carriers for cost, assigning carriers, communicating with vendors, vendor onboarding and communication, making delivery appointments, and international container tracking. The program will begin on June 4th and end on August 10th.

Essential Functions


•Omni Channel / Same Day Delivery
-Build a same day/next day delivery network utilizing 2 BN DC’s and 60 BN stores
-Benefits to include reduced freight expenses and reduce time in transit to customers
•Reduce out of market deliveries
-Reduce BN Monroe shipments to West Coast states, and BN Reno shipments to East Coast states
-Benefits to include reduced freight expenses and reduce time in transit to customers

Day to Day
•Enters data into TMS and communicates carrier assignment to vendor
•Communicates with vendors to begin transition from MIQ TMS to BN TMS
•Interacts with BN Shipping and Receiving office, dispatcher and Receiving to Schedule Appointments
•Prioritizes the Hot Freight list received from merchandising
•Tracks shipments inbound from domestic and international points of departure
•Enables commerce hub vendor setup

What You Will Learn:

•Introduction to Inbound/Outbound Freight Movement
•Introduction to International freight movement, imports and customs requirements
•Introduction to Foreign Trade Zones
•Access and Experience with BN TMS, AS/400, and DAMCO Software
•Skills to Include Communication, Research, Invoice, Audit, Track and Trace


•Students must have HS Diploma or GED and must be enrolled at least as a rising Junior in an accredited Bachelor’s degree program, or enrolled in an accredited Master’s degree program.
•Must be available to work a 40 hour workweek, Monday through Friday.
•Preferred degree in Supply Chain, Logistics or Analytics
•Candidate must be comfortable making decisions independently, and multi-tasking between freight movement and BN Business units
•Must work well under deadlines
•Experienced in Microsoft Office, Strong Excel and Access skills, including VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables
•Familiarity with the principals of Lean Six Sigma and Pareto principles. MiniTab experience a plus, but not required


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