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Barnes & Noble Press is one of the top self-publishing platforms in the industry. It offers authors best-in-class, easy-to-use tools to publish and sell eBooks. It also has an intuitive print books platform that allows customers to create a print book for personal use. Tremendous opportunity for business and technological innovation exists beyond these current products to leverage Barnes & Nobles brand and national bookstores to amplify the reach for Barnes & Noble Press authors and their works. In addition, an opportunity exists to expose Barnes & Noble Press publishing services to third parties that have content repositories from their members. This role will work closely with the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and key corporate and operational executives to create and execute an innovative self-publishing business strategy that exploits the opportunity to disrupt the existing publishing value chain and fully leverage Barnes & Noble Press access to Barnes & Nobles retail footprint.

Essential Functions

• Assess the existing Barnes & Noble Press strategy, asset base, and market potential to formulate a 1, 2 and 5-year business roadmap to expand and grow the business and drive revenue.
• Develop a business strategy that ascertains the product-market fit in a broad, holistic way both from a direct-to-customer and business-to-business market potential perspective.
• Work closely with product management and engineering teams to translate the business roadmap to a product and development roadmap to quantify initial and ongoing investment.
• Present consolidated business strategy and product roadmap to corporate executives and board members to procure investment and corporate sign-off.
• Build and effectively manage Barnes & Noble Press P&L budget and expense structure.
• Champion business strategy and product roadmap within the organization to align company goals and priorities with Barnes & Noble Press strategy.
• Drive the product, engineering, and marketing teams to execute the roadmap.
• Drive business development in partnership with the business office to drive adoption of Barnes & Noble Press publishing services in enterprise, education, and other institutions.
• Oversee daily operations including platform and sales data analytics, working with customer service, managing the author community and regularly communicating with the product management and engineering teams.
• Collaborate with Barnes & Noble leadership to identify ways to integrate Barnes & Noble Press into the Barnes & Noble ecosystem and manage these relationships to meet the company needs.
• Develop an effective strategy to evangelize Barnes & Noble Press to the self-publishing community.
• Stay informed on trends in the industry and share the trends with leadership.
• Work closely with the engineering team to improve and evolve the Barnes & Noble platform architecture.
• Ensures that internal groups (Product and Project Managers, systems groups, technical teams) investigate issues, establish processes, and execute solutions on a timely basis.


• 10-15 years’ experience in digital and print publishing and marketing required.
• Experience leading, engaging and motivating teams.
• Self-starter; exhibits drive, resourcefulness and enthusiasm; he/she is proactive in identifying opportunities, has a collaborative, results-oriented style.
• Ability to convey complex solutions clearly to an organization.
• Knowledge of publishing file formats (ePub, .rtf, .txt, etc.), design software (InDesign) and XML/HTML5, and web development environment preferred.
• Creative problem solving skills and the desire to create and build new processes.
• Attention to detail, and exceptional organizational skills.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


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