Specialty Payables Administrator

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The Specialty Payables Administrator reviews and maintains all vendor accounts related to a diverse Specialty Payable Department which includes Newsstand Payables, Caf Payables, Caf LLC Payables, and Bookfairs. Handles Concur Invoicing System and payments related to Caf LLC Restaurants. Runs weekly and monthly reporting for analysis and maintenance purposes. Responds to inquiries, resolves issues, and maintains correspondence with NY Office, stores and suppliers. Works with NYC office, staff and vendors to bring accounts current.

Essential Functions

Maintain all functions of Newsstand Payables
• Ensure prompt receipt of all summary and POS to pay files.
• Verify summary and POS to pay files against the Magazine Reporting system.
• Ensure all pay on scan files are received and processed for payment.
• Review cashflow on a weekly basis to ensure all items have been entered.
• Process and analyze monthly rack promotions based on detail from NYO.
• Maintain vendor status spreadsheet.
• Support and contribute documentation to internal and external auditors. Provide feedback during audit testing for SOX compliance.

Maintain all functions of Café Payables
• Assume responsibility of all Café supplier accounts by effectively and independently resolving problems, respond to vendor inquiries, and ensure the weekly Café reject report is accurate for proper shrink reporting.
• Generate reporting for Cafe business owners (NY Office, Regional & District Managers) and correspond with Café business owners and suppliers to ensure Profit & Loss reports are accurate
• Manage daily Control Total Reports and weekly EDI payment remit files.
• Compile and analyze the monthly Café accrual.
• Prepare Excel invoice files and process paper invoices, adjustments and credits received from our cafe vendors. Verify for accuracy and submit for upload in Oracle.
• Monitor the Café Invoices email box for incoming store approved invoices.Review Café vendor’s weekly statements and resolve any outstanding issues to ensure vendor accounts are current.
• Work closely with NYO & Regional Manager setting up additional Café vendors.
• Assist and respond to all NYC office inquiries related to the Concur Invoicing system.
• Support and contribute documentation to internal and external auditors. Perform walk-throughs and provide feedback during audit testing for SOX compliance.

Maintain all functions of Café LLC (Restaurant) Payables
• Review Concur system daily to ensure that invoices were assigned correctly, make the necessary corrections, and review rejected invoices. Scan invoices into Concur system weekly. Assist restaurant business owners with Concur Invoice system.
• Ensure that proper approvals and GL breakdown are noted on the paper invoice(s).
• Review Café LLC supplier’s weekly statements and resolve any outstanding issues to ensure supplier accounts are current. Monitor all alcohol vendor accounts closely to ensure that payments are issued timely based on the states’ liquor/alcohol guidelines. Respond to vendor inquiries and resolve any discrepancies in a timely manner.
• Review payment register and manage weekly payment remit files for US Foods.
• Work closely with NYO and restaurant vendors to obtain necessary information and required forms for vendor set-up purposes.
• Generate reporting for restaurant business owners (NY Office, Regional & District Managers) upon request to ensure Profit & Loss reports are accurate.

Maintain all functions of Bookfair Payables
• Review Bookmaster entries daily.
• Research and respond to Bookfair Payment Inquiry emails daily.
• Review Offsite Payables email box daily and process necessary forms to ensure timely payment.
• Research and reissue lost or returned gift cards or checks.
• Obtain appropriate approvals for events over $10,000.
• Maintain weekly reporting for unpaid bookfairs.
• Process manual additions at the request of the NYO or store.
• Provide event detailed report upon request.
• Research duplicate vendor report and submit necessary Oracle merge and change forms for approval

Other Special Projects
• Escheatment reporting, research and analysis
• Assume responsibility of local music suppliers
• Review and resolve Specialty Payable debit balance reporting.
• Review and resolve Specialty Payable stale dated checks reporting.
• Respond to inquiries and maintain correspondence with the NYC Office and the suppliers.
• Perform various special projects.


• Degree preferred along with 2 to 4 years of AP/AR related experience.
• Strong analytical, negotiating and problem-solving skills.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills as well as exemplary customer service skills.
• Be an individual who is highly motivated and can work well both independently and cooperatively.
• Strong computer skills with experience in Oracle Financials, Microsoft Excel, Word and Access.


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